August 11, 2008

Jamon Iberico, Champagne of deli meats

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As mentioned in a previous post, Iberico ham is one of the finest pieces of cured meat you can put in your buñuelo hole.   Up until very recently, it was quite the treat as it was not available in the U.S. and I had only tasted it once, whilst visiting Madrid a couple of summers ago.  Thanks to the better judgment of somebody(s) at the FDA, they finally got around to allowing import of this King of hams and trust me, our nation is a richer place for it.

As Spain’s answer to Italy’s Prosciutto or Virginia’s Smithfield, Iberico ham outclasses these other hams by packing a huge amount of flavor and a killer umami punch.  It’s drier and thus stiffer than prosciutto but it will also practically melt in your mouth unlike prosciutto which tends to be more chewy.

A lesson I learned early on in my cooking experience was that “more fat” almost always means “more good” and in this regard, Iberico exceeds my expectations, check out the marbling:


Don’t bother setting out your crackers or cheese with this, it really deserves an unbiased and rested palate to truly appreciate the nuances therein.  Also, at $99.99/lb (my nine paper thin slices cost $6) you’re not going to be grinding this up and making croquetas.


November 11, 2007

Pork adds life

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I’m just gonna come right out and say it: I run with a pork lovin crew.

Mid Cooking Investigation

From the Roota to the Toota, we like us some porcine anything and there ain’t no denyin. We get together several times a year and frolic in Lardland for a few hours or days (they serve drinks in Lardland). We then return to our regular lives where there are meals that have vegetables and meat from other animals. I assure you the transition is hard on both body and soul and akin to jet lag, but nothing worth anything was easy anyway.

Here’s what we started with at our latest “get together”:



October 29, 2007

fu + fu + fu = Fufú
Fufú de platano

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I understand Fufú is an adaptation of a santeria word for “garlic infused platano and pork belly mash-slop is a staple food of West & Central Africa. No really, I read it on the internet tubes.

This 3 ingredient dish (5 if you count the optional salt and lime) is easy to make and is in the top 4 Cuban food names



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