October 29, 2007

fu + fu + fu = Fufú
Fufú de platano

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I understand Fufú is an adaptation of a santeria word for “garlic infused platano and pork belly mash-slop is a staple food of West & Central Africa. No really, I read it on the internet tubes.

This 3 ingredient dish (5 if you count the optional salt and lime) is easy to make and is in the top 4 Cuban food names



October 8, 2007

4 Things I’ve never heard my father say

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“I love sushi”

“I’m bored with Cuban food, I need a change… something new… something CRAZY!”

“Oye Mulata, can you pass the hot sauce?”

“Quien… Carajo… Took…  my…  Cilantro!?!?”


Chicken of the Fric-a-see
Fricasé de Pollo

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Along with picadillo and bistec de palomilla, Fricasé de pollo is one of the protein dishes we ate most frequently growing up. Using basic Cuban cooking ingredients and techniques you end up with a savory-sweet tomato sauce and succulent soup-style chicken and potatoes. Think chicken cacciatore, but with more vegetables.



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