August 29, 2007

Why eating out isn’t what it used to be (for me) Part I

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Am I the only person who cores their tomatoes, especially for a presentation like this? This was a beautiful and tasty margherita pie from a neighborhood cafe with an actual earthen pizza oven best diet supplements. It’s not about eating the core, (dried tomato skin doesn’t sound all that bad, come to think of it) as much as the lack of attention to detail.

Help me out guy, turn the thing over at least.

pizza to the core


August 17, 2007

About Arroz y Frijoles

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Is Cuban food the best food? The answer is yes. Why is not important, it’s just something you realize once you’ve not eaten it for a while. You might think you feel the same way about the food from where you’re from but seriously, would it really be better than a thin cuban palomilla steak, white rice, black beans and platanitos? Maybe, but only if you substitute vaca frita for the palomilla.

I’ve spent the past 8 years learning about food and cooking, a lot. Initially, it was because I just really wanted some good Cuban food and no restaurant in the greater Bay Area could deliver on that. I never understood it, and it seems crazy, but that’s the topic of another post.

As a first generation Cuban-American growing up in Miami, 90% of my meals were Cuban food. The other 10% were hamburgers (also in the “last meals” hall of fame). I didn’t realize it at the the time, but Mami, Tia, Adoracion, Jorge and Azalia (just to name a notable few) were serving up some delish-a-frickin-licious food. I didn’t know enough about food to know why it was tasty–but I do now.

After hundreds of pounds of beef, pork, chicken, beans, rice and plantains I feel that I understand these dishes profoundly. Profoundly enough to write about their makeup and inspiration that might arise from making, sharing and eating them.

The editor enjoys a *cold* cafe con leche in the Honduran early morning style. Cousin Ruben has been rockin these since the early 80’s. Take that, frapuccino hipsters!


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